Northern Indigenous Games

We look at the more holistic concept of how you play the game, and why you play the game. As indigenous people, we have our identity, our language, and our indigenous games. We think, behave, and speak in certain ways in how and why we play the indigenous and modern games that goes back to our culture as indigenous people.” -Dan Ninham, Northern Indigenous Games


Empowered Youth Development Initiatives

Fall 2021 Virtual Academy

Indigenous Pedagogy Virtual Academy will be starting its second year of zoom session professional development programming this late August 2021.

Indigenous Pedagogy Virtual Academy

Indigenous Science – Professional Development Workshop


What other educators say…

My training provided tremendous insight and enabled me to implement NIG programming at my University”

― Matt Fencl, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Platville Baraboo/Sauk County

Northern Indigenous Games is both engaging and educational for cultural fun for all ages.”

― Angelo Baca (Utah Dine Bikeyah) Cultural Resources Coordinator

Connecting to culture, while developing skills to collaborate, communicate and interact in a community with culturally responsive pedagogy.”

― Carrie Hooyman, Parent Engagement Coordinator, Green Bay Area Public School District

Service To Our Community


Indigenous communities visited in 2019, continuing the Indigenous Games Movement.


Miles driven in last five years spreading the Indigenous Games Movement.


Years as a middle school teacher, serving Indigenous communities in Minnesota, Wisconsin and New Mexico.

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